Perpetum mobile is not the point.
Not at all.

Perpetum mobile is
impossible machine.
An ordinary impossible machine. There is nothing extreme in it its impossibility is absolutely normal and common.

Extreme machines are
possible machines,
however it is very difficult do construct them, to design them, well, even to imagine them. First of all it's really hard to imagine them.

[for example - - - - - - - >

Extreme machines are devices needed by nobody nobody dreams about them, nobody expects them (while a lot of people dream about perpetum mobile, desire it, everybody expects it though not everybody is aware of these expectations everybody would like to have a vehicle that can go consuming no fuel). They perform tasks which are a sheer waste of time and energy. These devices are totally absurd and useless.

Nevertheless they can be very interesting theoretically. And this is why they can be very useful.

The theory of uselessness is not useless. To be useless and to study uselessness these are two very different matters.

Is a machine to make nothing an extreme machine or is it an impossible machine? Once it was imagined by somebody, even described a little. Due to the sketchy form of this description, it is not known whether this machine having transformed EVERYTHING into NOTHING annihilated also itself, and if so, how it could do this. This case is worth studying.

It's worth to think about other
extreme machines:

>>> IO [Ideal Insects]

>>> ....................